Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships

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    Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships

    Applications for 2017 Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships are officially open!

    We kindly request your assistance to target those you know in your industry and region and encourage them to apply this year.

    We would greatly appreciate your assistance to ensure that we have a strong field of candidates in industries including grains, dairy, livestock, rice, horticulture, fisheries, chicken meat, eggs, cotton and pork. A full list of available scholarships can be viewed here:


    We are offering approximately 30 scholarships to primary producers and managers in this latest application period, which includes attendance at the 2017 Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) in Brazil, a choice to attend one of six Global Focus Programs (GFP), travelling with other scholars over a six week period, and an eight week individual study program.



    A $30,000 bursary is available for successful applicants to study a topic relevant to their business and industry. The tenure of study is 16 weeks over two years with flexibility provided.


    Please download the scholarship application brochure via the link below and we would be grateful if you could distribute it as widely as you can to potential candidates?

    More information is also available in the “How to Apply” section of our website:

    We would appreciate your assistance in communicating the benefits of a Nuffield Scholarship to as many potential applicants as possible.

    Thank you,

    Jim Geltch
    CEO Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars
    PO Box 586 Moama NSW 2731
    Direct Ph: (03) 54800755 Fax: (03) 54800233
    Mobile: 0412696076

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