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Industry Organisations


Government Agencies (this central site provides links to Department of Business and Employment, Department of Education, etc)


Funding for Training

The opportunities for funding training for employers and jobseekers are constantly changing and you may need to contact government departments to confirm the currency of funding programs.


The major funding opportunities exist in the Australian Government Skills Connect program, This program includes:


  • - National Workforce Development Fund
  • - Workplace English Language and Literacy Program (WELL)
  • - Accelerated Australian Apprenticeships Initiative
  • - Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Program
  • - Experience + Training
  • - Experience + More Help for Mature Age Workers


Another useful site that provides information about all sorts of government grants is


Industry organisations are also a good point of contact for information on funding as there is often industry specific funding.


Of course you can always contact PITAC and we will assist.